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    Accelerators and Antioxidants for rubber compounds | Caldic

    Choosing the right antioxidant for rubber. Depending on the application and the polymer (elastomer), the use of the right protective system is crucial in order to guarantee optimal performance throughout the life of the finished article. Our product range includes: Antioxidants / antiozonants (parafenylendiamines)

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    CDC - NIOSH Publications and Products - Rubber Products

    Hedenstedt A [1982]. Genetic health risks in the rubber industry: mutagenicity studies on rubber chemicals and process vapours. Occupational health series #46: International Symposium on Prevention of Occupational Cancer. Helsinki, Finland: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, pp. 476–482. Hedenstedt A, Ramel C, Wachtmeister CA [1981].

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    LANXESS Presents Accelerators, Antioxidants & more for Rubber

    For natural rubber, AII has developed the highly effective wax pellets Renacit 11/WG. The masticating agent breaks the molecular chains and makes the material easier to process. In addition to antioxidants, the company offers Vulkacit vulcanization accelerators. Sulfenamides are by far the most widely-used accelerators in the rubber industry.

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    New antioxidants, antiozonants from Lanxess protects rubber

    Thus, rubber article is finally demolished. Lanxess’s Vulkanox antioxidants and Vulkazon antiozonants significantly increase the lifespan of elastomers. AII has developed a highly effective peptizing agent in the form of wax granules called Renacit 11/WG that makes natural rubber easier to process by breaking down the molecular chains.

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    Willoughby BG. Reformulation or process control as a concept for the reduction of rubber curing fume. Health and Safety in the Plastics and Rubber Industries. In: Proceedings of a conference held at Warwick University. London: The Plastics and Rubber Institute, October 1980: Paper No. 12.

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    Rubber Chemicals - PMC Group

    Specialty developer and producer of antioxidants and functional additives for rubber, plastics and lubricants. PMC Rubber Chemicals is a state of the art developer, producer and marketer of rubber chemicals offering a comprehensive range of products including accelerators, antioxidants, antiozonants, retarders, and peptizers.

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    Antiozonant | Article about antiozonant by The Free Dictionary

    The book also discusses the use of antioxidants, antiozonants, vulcanization agents, plasticizers, and process aids for specialty elastomers. Handbook of specialty elastomers The presence of nitrogen in the coke is the result of the thermal decomposition of additives originally used in tires, such as organic accelerators, antidegradants and

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    SI Group Elastomer Additives, SI Group - ChemPoint

    SI Group Elastomer Additives include a wide portfolio of additives for a broad range of elastomeric processes and compounding needs. The product set includes accelerators, blowing agents, antioxidants, antiozonants, curing agents, bonding agents, and solutions for anti-scorch and protective wax.

  • scup: rubber processing chemicals report and market outlook

    SCUP: Rubber Processing Chemicals Report and Market Outlook

    Furthermore, rubber-processing chemicals also greatly improve the overall process of vulcanization. These chemistries include a wide range of product types, such as accelerators, activators, vulcanizing agents, antidegradants (antioxidants and antiozonants), and stabilizers, among other rubber-processing chemicals.

  • dkt 2018 conference and exposition at nürnberg messe, germany

    DKT 2018 conference and exposition at Nürnberg Messe, Germany

    • Highly effective accelerators, antioxidants and antiozonants • Functional additives. Cologne – At the DKT 2018 (German Rubber Conference), LANXESS will present a broad range of additives for the rubber processing industry. During the conference in Nuremberg, Germany, from July 2 to 5 the specialty chemicals company showcases solutions

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    Chemtrade Logistics Inc. – Rubber Industry Product Improvement

    Antioxidants and antiozonants, sometimes referred to as antidegradants, serve to slow the rate of oxidation by acting as chain stoppers, transfer agents, and peroxide decomposers. A commonly used antioxidant is N, N’- disubstituted p-phenylene diamine which can employ sodium nitrite in its manufacture.

  • rubber chemical consultants: rubber antidegradants market

    Rubber Chemical Consultants: Rubber Antidegradants Market

    Key manufacturers are discussed by chemical group and subgroup. Chemical groups include: plasticisers, antidegradants, curatives, process aids, coupling agents, bonding agents and reinforcing resins. Subgroup includes chemicals relevant to the main group (e.g. for antidegradants this includes antioxidants, antiozonants and waxes).

  • global market overview for rubber processing chemicals

    Global Market Overview for Rubber Processing Chemicals

    This study covers the global market for rubber processing chemicals. Demand is provided in metric tons for 2008, 2013, and 2018, with forecasts for 2023 and 2028. Data are provided for six major