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  • facts at your fingertips: ion exchange resins in water treatment

    Facts at your Fingertips: Ion Exchange Resins in Water Treatment

    Generally, industrial-water-treatment resins are classified into four categories: Strong acid cation (SAC) exchange resins. SAC resins are composed of a polystyrene matrix with a sulfonate (SO 3 –) functional group that is either charged with sodium ions for water softening applications, or hydrogen ions (H +) for demineralization.

  • iro water - high standard and high quality water treatment

    IRO Water - High Standard and High Quality Water Treatment

    Such water treatment chemicals include IR-0100, IR-150 and the like. IRO water treatment chemicals start from a green concept. Pay attention to the impact on people and the environment in the production process. Improve the production process of water treatment chemicals.

  • water treatment resins | water treatment | waste water

    Water Treatment Resins | Water Treatment | Waste Water

    DEVELOPMENT OF ION EXCHANGE RESINS. Many different types of chemical compounds can be used to form water treatment ion exchange materials. Indeed the most common ion exchange material in the world is ordinary clay soil in which the crystalline aluminum-silicate structure gives the locked anion, while rations can freely replace each other in the crystal network.

  • us resin | resin, filter media, pe tank parts, portable

    US Resin | Resin, Filter Media, PE Tank Parts, Portable

    Pro Chemical Products. In additon to high quality resin products, we offer a variety of Pro Chemical products and water treatment solutions. Our Pro Chemical water treatment solutions focus on rectifying problem water and also work well for maintaining the performance of residential and light commercial water systems.

  • potable water treatment chemicals | office & domestics water

    Potable Water Treatment Chemicals | Office & Domestics Water

    Potable Drinking Water Treatment Access to safe potable water (drinking water) is an essential part of everyday life. It is therefore important to ensure that the quality of such potable water supplies and their delivery systems are maintained to the highest standards so that the water supplied is safe and wholesome at the point of delivery.

  • water engineering services – high quality products. superior

    Water Engineering Services – HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS. SUPERIOR

    Created in 2005, Water Engineering Services is a full service engineering company that specializes in water treatment chemicals for boilers, HVAC systems, domestic potable water, and wastewater applications. WES engineers will work with you to develop a program that will provide you excellent results at a price that won’t break your budget.

  • water treatment and conservation - american chemical society

    Water Treatment and Conservation - American Chemical Society

    To address these issues of water availability and wastewater treatment, the American Chemical Society recommends that the United States Supports the development of new water-use guidelines, agricultural practices, technologies, voluntary standards, and public information initiatives that promote water recycling and other conservation measures

  • water treatment chemicals manufacturer. b2b chemicals

    Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturer. B2B Chemicals

    The water treatment products mentioned above can ensure the high efficiency of industrial production and reduce the consumption of resources. In 2020, IRO will still provide high-quality water treatment chemicals and professional services. As a water treatment chemical supplier, IRO’s products almost covered the whole industrial fields. You

  • smart chemical water treatment with kemira kemconnect

    Smart chemical water treatment with Kemira KemConnect

    Smart chemical water treatment Kemira KemConnect™ Using a combination of our high-quality water treatment chemicals, smart technologies, and 100 years of expertise we can improve your process efficiency, lower your costs, and ensure that your operations comply with all relevant regulations and standards.

  • chemical & petrochemical industrial water treatment

    Chemical & Petrochemical Industrial Water Treatment

    Water-quality requirements for boiler feedwater depend primarily on the operating pressure and type of boiler. This can vary from simple softened water for low-pressure boilers to demineralized, or even polished, makeup water for high-pressure boilers. The treatment demands to produce this water can vary greatly.

  • high-quality water treatment chemical factory and pricelist

    High-quality Water Treatment Chemical Factory and Pricelist

    Bear "Customer initially, High quality first" in mind, we do the job closely with our customers and supply them with efficient and skilled providers for Water Treatment Chemical, Filtration Loss, Carboxymethyl Cellulose Salt, Natural Food Thickeners, Now we have experienced manufacturing facilities with extra than 100 employees.

  • water treatment plant

    Water Treatment Plant

    The ability of a water treatment facility to deliver a wholesome and high quality product to its consumers usually occurs when advanced treatment methods are used. Some of the more advanced technologies used today focus on the ability to use instrumentation to control the optimal quantities of chemicals needed in process operations.