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    Everspring Chemical Company

    Everspring Chemical Co., Ltd., headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, was established in 1988 to produce a wide range of polymer additives. Today, it is a well-known and fast-growing chemical company that offers high-quality polymer additives to the chemical industry worldwide.

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    Antioxidants Synergistic Blends Light Stabilizers Nucleating Agents High Performance Regulatory Support Polymer Additives - Primary and Secondary Antioxidants Practically all polymer materials undergo oxidative degradation reactions occurring at one or all of the manufacturing, processing and end-use stages.

  • evernox® 10 (antioxidant) by everspring chemical: technical

    Evernox® 10 (Antioxidant) by Everspring Chemical: Technical

    Get instant access to Evernox® 10 technical datasheet. It is a stable, sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant used for long-term thermal stabilization in adhesives.

  • evernox® 10 (antioxidant) by everspring chemical: technical

    EVERNOX® 10 (Antioxidant) by Everspring Chemical: Technical

    Get instant access to EVERNOX® 10 technical datasheet. It is a sterically hindered phenolic compound used as antioxidant for long-term thermal stabilization.

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    Everspring Evernox 10 TDS - TRiiSO

    Transportation EVERNOX-10 and EVERNOX-10GF are not dangerous materials according to the transportation regulations. Storage EVERNOX-10 and EVERNOX-10GF be stored unde r suitable conditions (dry & cool). Maximum recommended storage time from the date of analysis ú 60 months. ® ~ ô p¨ ½ [æ Y EVERSPRING CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

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    Everspring Chemical Company | Evernox Antioxidants | Everstab

    Everspring Chemical's product portfolio includes primary antioxidants based on sterically hindered phenols, secondary antioxidants based on phosphites, stabilization boosters based on hydroxylamines, UV absorbers based on benzotriazoles, hindered amine light stabilizers, and synergistic blends.

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    EVERNOX® 76 - Everspring Chemical - datasheet

    Stable, sterically hindered phenolic compound. Used as an antioxidant for manufacturing, processing and long-term thermal stabilization. Possesses good compatibility, high resistance to extraction and is odorless.

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    Contact. Piccadilly Internationaler Handel GmbH. Wipperauer Straße 117 42699 Solingen Germany. Tel.: +49 (0) 212-382330-0 Fax: +49 (0) 212-382330-10. info@piccadilly-international.de

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    Antioxidant 1135 CAS No. 125643-61-0. Model No.: CAS No. 125643-61-0 Product Name Antioxidant 1135 Other Name Irganox1135 Chemical Name 2 ethylpentyl 3 3 5 di tert butyl 4 hydroxyphenyl propanoate CAS 125643 61 0 Molecular weight 390 5992 Molecular formula C25H42O3 Chemical structure Application This product is kind of excellent antioxidants which is applicable to all kinds of polymer...

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    Ofrecemos especialidades químicas y aditivos bajo los nombres comerciales Omnistab® y CD&T®. Para obtener más información, visite esta página.

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    Antioxidants include, for example, pentaerythritol tetrakis(3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) propionate), commercially available as IRGANOX® 1010, from BASF Corp., of Iselin, N.J. or as EVERNOX®-10, from Everspring Corp. USA, of Los Angeles, Calif.; octadecyl-3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4 -hydroxyphenyl)propionate, commercially available as

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    Benomyl (CAS No. 17804-35-2) Suppliers @ ChemicalRegister.com

    Everspring Chemical Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. We are specialized in the production of antioxidants for polymer industry. We offer primary & secondary grade of antioxidants and s more...

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    Irganox 5057, Irganox 5057 Suppliers and Manufacturers

    irganox irganox 1076 irganox 1098 irganox 1790 irganox 1726 irganox 1425 irganox 1135 irganox 1520 irganox l101 irganox 3125 irganox 2246 irganox 1330 2082 79 3 irganox 1076 antioxidant irganox 1010 More...