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    ultra high purity materials For many high-tech and scientific applications, the physical and chemical properties of materials must be both highly reliable and constrained within very narrow parameters.

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    The ModuLab XM MTS of Solartron Analytical is an Xtreme Measurement Materials Test System able to measure the extremes of ultra-high impedance/low capacitance dielectric and insulator materials as well as high conductivity materials in the sub-milliohm range. The ModuLab XM MTS is an all around player capable of time domain and AC measurement

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    RotaLab provides a wide range of analytical instruments and laboratory products for high quality research and industrial applications. Ultra-High Purity Materials

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    Ultra-High Purity Materials; Evaporation Materials Allsheng Instruments. MicroChemicals. RotaLab Bilimsel Cihazlar Ltd. Sti. Atakent Mah. 221. Sok. Rota

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    Production of Ultra‐High Purity Metastable Helium

    Materials Science; Mathematical Physics Review of Scientific Instruments > Volume 33, Issue 5 Production of Ultra‐High Purity Metastable Helium Magnetometer

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    A tri-arc system for growing high-purity crystals of metallic

    A tri-arc Czochralski crystal growth system, for preparing high-purity crystals of metallic materials, is described. To improve the environmental cleanliness within the chamber beyond that found in conventional tri-arc systems, the equipment is built to ultra-high-vacuum standards (although actual operation in vacuum is not possible) so that leaks into the system and degassing of contaminating

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    Ultra-High Purity PFA Tubing Altaflo has developed a new line of ultra-high purity (UHP) PFA tubing and pipe that offers significant improvements over standard high purity materials. Made with 100% virgin-grade Daikin AP-231 SH resin, ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA tubing meets or exceeds key SEMI F57 requirements

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    The scientific instruments used to measure material purity must be calibrated to ensure their accuracy. The calibration procedure depends on Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) of known composition.

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    Innovative Solutions, Ultra-High Quality. Reagents can make or break the quality of analytical applications. Get reliable, ultra-high purity with Thermo Scientific™ Flush Solutions, Solvents and Mobile Phases. And simplify product selection, storage, and sourcing with Thermo Scientific™ Chromplete™ Reagents.