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  • toxikologische details - bg rci

    Toxikologische Details - BG RCI

    For 245 industrial chemicals, BG Chemie (after 2010 its legal successor is BG RCI) has published TOXICOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS. They give an overview on the acute and chronic effects of the substances and evaluate the data on the genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, immunological and neurotoxic effects and the experiences in humans.

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    As the leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber chemicals in China, Linkwell Rubber Chemicals Co.,Ltd. develops and manufactures all kinds of rubber chemicals intensively. We have devoted ourselves to the rubber industry and are committed to being your most reliable partner.

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    NIBSC - Sub category listing

    You are currently viewing the Immunoglobulins and immune seraBiotherapeutics in the Biotherapeutics category

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    BglI | NEB

    The various sticky ends produced by BglI cleavage can be used to reconstitute plasmid and phage genomes and to exchange wild-type and mutant DNA fragments (Burger, K. J. and Schinzel, R. (1983) Mol. Gen. 189, 269-274).

  • blood coagulation factors ii, vii, ix, x plasma (4th

    Blood coagulation Factors II, VII, IX, X Plasma (4th

    Product Number 09/172; Product Description: Blood coagulation Factors II, VII, IX, X Plasma (4th International Standard 2010) Type of Standard: International Standard

  • antithrombin, plasma (3rd international standard)

    Antithrombin, Plasma (3rd International Standard)

    Product Number 08/258; Product Description: Antithrombin, Plasma (3rd International Standard) Type of Standard: International Standard: Category: Diagnostics > HaemostasisDiagnostics