high quality high slump retention and retarding plasticizer

  • high slump retention and retarding plasticizer for concrete

    high slump retention and retarding plasticizer for concrete

    Concrete Superplasticizers - Slump Retention Superplasticizer. Can be designed to pump easily at Inc eaten! cement ratios and moderate cement contents. Conchem-7 is a high quality plasticizer capable of high workability retention with set retarding effect complies with ASTM-C494 type A,G and BS 5075 part 3.

  • high slump retention and retarding super plasticizer for

    High Slump Retention And Retarding Super Plasticizer For

    High slump retention and retarding super plasticizer for concrete PCE Description Polycarboxylate ether water reducer PCE is a new generation high performance & environmental friendly superplasticizer, It can be widely used in premix of common concrete, gushing concrete, hydro concrete, high strength concrete, mass concrete and high quality

  • concrete superplasticizers - slump retention superplasticizer

    Concrete Superplasticizers - Slump Retention Superplasticizer

    Conchem-7 is a high quality plasticizer capable of high workability retention with set retarding effect complies with ASTM-C494 type A,G and BS 5075 part 3. Composition: Conchem-7 is brown liquid based on modified sulphate naphthalene and specially selected organic polymers. Purpose: To impart very high workability to cement! Aggregate mix

  • high slump retention, high slump retention suppliers

    High Slump Retention, High Slump Retention Suppliers

    Alibaba.com offers 201 high slump retention products. such as free samples.

  • use of water reducers, retarders, and superplasticizer

    Use of Water Reducers, Retarders, and Superplasticizer

    ASTM C494 Type F and Type G, High Range Water Reducer (HRWR) and retarding admixtures are used to reduce the amount of water by 12% to 30% while maintaining a certain level of consistency and workability (typically from 75 mm to 200 mm) and to increase workability for reduction in w/cm ratio. The use of superplasticizers may produce high

  • concrete admixture polycarboxylates superplasticizer

    Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylates Superplasticizer

    High slump retention Stable Quality DK-100 is a specifically designed polycarboxylate superplasticizer which exhibits excellent dispersion performance while maintaining good retention effects due to our cutting-edge processing technique; it has a wide range of applications as used in the industrial fields of normal concrete, pumping concrete

  • water reducing plasticizer | duroplast | concrete admixtures

    Water reducing plasticizer | Duroplast | Concrete admixtures

    High Range Water Reducing and Retarding Super Plasticizer 20 litres, 50 liters and 220 litres. Ideal for all concrete where very high slump, workability, flowable or pumpable concrete is required.

  • plasticizers | sika singapore pte. ltd.

    Plasticizers | Sika Singapore Pte. Ltd.

    Plastocrete-R6 is used where high quality concrete is required in difficult conditions, such as: High temperatures; Long distance between batching plant and site; Ready-mix concrete; Prestressed concrete and whenever high quality dense concrete is required; Characteristics and Advantages. High slump retention

  • water reducing admixtures - sika

    Water Reducing Admixtures - Sika

    High Range Water Reducing Applications: When used as a high range water reducing admixture, water reduction up to 30 % can be obtained. The superplasticizing action allows for the production of high slump flowing concrete with excellent workability that can be placed with minimum vibration even at a low water/cementitious ratio.

  • super plasticizer: a new dimension in admixtures | | b2b

    Super Plasticizer: A new dimension in admixtures | | B2B

    Water reducing and retarding super plasticizer: Fibcon 412/n is a high range water-reducing admixture formulated specifically to extend the working time of following concrete. It is based on naphthalene formaldehyde.

  • ahlia chemicals company - الأهلية للصناعات الكيماوية | epicos

    Ahlia Chemicals Company - الأهلية للصناعات الكيماوية | EPICOS

    CAPLAST-R: Lignosulphonate based water reducing and retarding plasticizer with good slump retention. CAPLAST SUPER-R: Prolonged slump retaining, water reducing and set retarding, high performance super plasticizer based on a unique blend of modified lignosulphonate & hydro carboxylic acid.

  • super plasticizer admixture for concrete | surat chemical

    Super Plasticizer Admixture for Concrete | Surat Chemical

    Also meets the requirement of ASTM C 494 & type G and IS 9103-2003, Suitable for ready mix concrete plants, it is capable of high workability retention up to 2-3 hrs with set retarding effect that helps to produce flowing concrete in hot climates.