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  • 12 types of eco-friendly houses - home stratosphere

    12 Types of Eco-Friendly Houses - Home Stratosphere

    12 Types of Eco-Friendly Homes and Features If everyone implemented eco-friendly features into their home, that would be a big step to helping the environment. There are many options available - we set out the top 12 types of eco-home features you can implement.

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    Home Stratosphere - Home Décor & Interior Design Blog

    Popular and award-winning home décor and interior design blog that covers everything home and garden including interior design, exteriors, landscape design, backyard ideas and home improvement.

  • 10 eco-friendly homes living in the future

    10 Eco-Friendly Homes Living In The Future

    Studio Libeskind has architected some of the world's most iconic structures from the Pyramid in Jerusalem, to Harmony Tower in Seoul and One World Trade in New York City. . While the Villa doesn’t top the skyline of a global city, its futuristic, eco-friendly design has earned plenty of attenti

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    Jinyou Liang, in Chemical Modeling for Air Resources, 2013. 1.1.2 Stratosphere. The stratosphere contains ~9.9% of air mass over the Earth, and ranges from ~10 to ~50 km ASL with ascending temperature up to ~270 K. Due to precipitation in the troposphere, H 2 O can scarcely survive through vertical transport to reach the stratosphere.

  • eco friendly houses - what are they?

    Eco Friendly Houses - What Are They?

    My Favourite Eco Friendly Houses. Passive Solar House: In my opinion this is the ultimate in eco house building. It works on the principle of building a super insulated home that uses the sun, you, and your appliances to generate heat and then holds onto it for as long as possible.

  • what are the 4 layers of the atmosphere - earth how

    What Are the 4 Layers of the Atmosphere - Earth How

    Stratosphere. From about 12 km to 50 km upwards is the stratosphere. In this layer, the jet stream blows strong winds eastward. Airplanes use this layer of the atmosphere when they travel from west to east. It gives an extra push on its tail which helps it move faster. It also has the ozone layer, which absorbs harmful radiation from the sun

  • eco-friendly homes | better homes & gardens

    Eco-Friendly Homes | Better Homes & Gardens

    Whether you are improving your current home or building from the ground up, there is no shortage of ways to make your house eco-friendly. The key to an eco-friendly remodel is solid planning. Learn how to make the most of your budget by creating an open floor plan, choosing renewable and recyclable materials, and building within your current footprint.