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    Zinc N-Ethyl-N-phenyldithiocarbamate | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

    Zinc N-Ethyl-N-phenyldithiocarbamate is one of numerous organometallic compounds manufactured by American Elements under the trade name AE Organometallics™. Organometallics are useful reagents, catalysts , and precursor materials with applications in thin film deposition , industrial chemistry , pharmaceuticals , LED manufacturing , and others.

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    zinc ethyl phenyl dithiocarbamate 5

    Zinc N-Ethyl-N-phenyldithiocarbamate | AMERICAN ELEMENTS. Detailed Export Data of ethyl organic chemical . 232. Export Shipment Records found. Detailed Analysis & Trends of: Export of ethyl organic chemical .

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    zinc ethyl phenyl dithiocarbamate 2

    Diethylzinc - Wikipedia · 2.1. Synthesis. The synthesis and characterization of the precursor complexes [ML 1 L 2] (where M = Zn, Cd, and Hg; L 1 = N-ethyl-N-phenyl dithiocarbamate and L 2 = N-butyl-N-phenyl dithiocarbamate) have been reported [].The thermolysis of the complexes was carried out at 180 °C and in the presence of hexadecylamine as the capping agent.