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  • how to make and use a tire sled for training

    How To Make And Use A Tire Sled For Training

    Taking your new tire sled outside and getting some fresh air and sunshine while using it can make a huge difference in the quality of your workouts and keep you motivated for longer. How To Train With A Tire and Tire Sled. In the video below, I run through 11 exercises that incorporate a tire and a sandbag (optional).

  • how to detect slow puncture in car tyres and what to do next

    How to Detect Slow Puncture in Car Tyres and What to Do Next

    In most cases, if there is a slow puncture in the car tyre then you will be able to spot immediately as you will find a major difference in the car performance and it will pull to one side. Even if there are no bumps on the road and if your car tyres feel bumpy then it is also a major signal.

  • tire training guide: 13 tire-based exercises and one killer

    Tire Training Guide: 13 Tire-Based Exercises And One Killer

    Benefit: Tire flips cover all the bases—your core, back, legs, arms, and shoulders. Just be careful when you bend to pick the tire up. Leave your ego at home! If you need a lighter tire, make the switch.

  • kettlebell workout: how to use them for strength and cardio

    Kettlebell workout: How to use them for strength and cardio

    Start slow As with any new exercise routine, it's important to take things slow. Be sure to take time to understand the proper form before you do each move, and make sure to warm up properly

  • tyre training – get in shape using tires

    Tyre Training – Get in Shape Using Tires

    Tyre training enables you to have a full body workout in just a few exercises. A lot of the workouts included are compound exercises. And, if you are trying to burn a lot of fats, fusing more than one exercise can help you make your body looking as toned as it can. Check out the video for some tire training workouts: Tire Workouts

  • unconventional training tools: diy tire and drag harnesses

    Unconventional Training Tools: DIY Tire and Drag Harnesses

    Besides being able to train strength, anaerobic capacity and aerobic capacity, the tire is a great tool for athletes that struggle with running. Athletes that carry an excessive amount of mass can really do a number on their lower body joints when doing long slow runs.

  • max verstappen pinning hopes on smooth start after tyre

    Max Verstappen pinning hopes on smooth start after tyre

    Max Verstappen finished last weekend’s Silverstone race a fortuitous second, having driven a lonely race behind both Mercedes until their late tyre drama. This weekend at the same circuit he’s pinned his hopes to a bold starting tyre choice, as he bids to give the Silver Arrows a tougher run for their money…

  • adhesion railway

    Adhesion railway

    An adhesion railway relies on adhesion traction to move the train. Adhesion traction is the friction between the drive wheels and the steel rail. The term "adhesion railway" is only used when there is need to distinguish adhesion railways from railways moved by other means, e.g. by a stationary engine pulling on a cable attached to the cars, by railways which are moved by a pinion meshing with

  • how do eddy-current brakes work? - explain that stuff

    How do eddy-current brakes work? - Explain that Stuff

    Some versions of the German Inter City Express (ICE) train and Japanese Shinkansen ("bullet train") have experimented with eddy-current brakes and future versions of the French TGV are expected to use them as well. (The ICE3 train, for example, uses high-power, linear brakes on one of the bogies to induce eddy currents in the rails beneath.)

  • concerns about using recycled tire planters | mother earth news

    Concerns About Using Recycled Tire Planters | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    Short-term, yes, tire planters are OK, although the soil in black tire planters will probably get hotter than most plants would prefer. Long-term, no, because the tire rubber will slowly

  • ns mat '64

    NS Mat '64

    Not everything was renewed, for example, the characteristic heavy engine noise was maintained and the train sets all had a brake pad, a braking system in which a cast iron block is pushed onto the wheel tire when the train set starts to brake. This brake system leads to a roughening of the running surface, making the tire rolling noise high.

  • essential training: the pell

    Essential Training: The Pell

    To make an even more portable frame-pell you can use a similar pattern to what you would use for the base of a test-cutting stand. It is easiest to use two 2 by 4s of about three feet in length. Cut notches so that they fit together in the middle in an x or cross shape.