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  • using tire in unit tests and elasticsearch yellow - github

    Using tire in unit tests and elasticsearch yellow - GitHub

    I've read wiki. We are using index#refresh but seems that is not enough. Our problem is: We use tire in integration tests (we don't mock it) At least last half of year we have random test failures on different servers, on CI server and development machines.

  • bulk import with and tire - github

    Bulk import with and Tire - GitHub

    I have setup Bonsai on my Heroku app following this gist:, and everything seems to work except for the bulk import of existing posts.

  • github - jboone/tpms: tire pressure monitoring system

    GitHub - jboone/tpms: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Software for capturing, demodulating, decoding, and assessing data from automotive tire pressure monitors. Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are becoming common on automobiles, and in certain countries, are required as a condition of sale. Most TPMS devices use simple wireless communication techniques such as: FSK modulation; Manchester

  • lamartire’s gists · github

    lamartire’s gists · GitHub

    GitHub Gist: star and fork lamartire's gists by creating an account on GitHub.

  • git - what's the proper way to "go get" a private repository

    git - What's the proper way to "go get" a private repository

    Note that this is also the keypair (private and public) I've connected to my Github account, so mine is stored in~/.ssh/id_github_com. I have then created (or altered) a file called ~/.ssh/config with an entry: Host HostName User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_github_com

  • practice cards from "refresher course in -

    Practice cards from "Refresher Course in -

    Practice cards from "Refresher Course in Gregg Shorthand, Diamond Jubilee Series" in wolframscript. - practice.wl

  • the best time-saving autohotkey tricks you should be using

    The Best Time-Saving AutoHotkey Tricks You Should Be Using

    We spend so much time browsing around in Windows Explorer that just about any enhancement can be a huge help, and there's a couple of ways you can tweak your Windows Explorer to make it easier to use.

  • how to stop github always asking for username / password

    How to stop github always asking for username / password

    You did not specify if you are sure that you are already using ssh in the connection with github. It is highly possible that on your other machines, the github credentials are stored somewhere in a cache without you knowing (it was my case when I switched from a macos/unix to a linux system)

  • wanted stack exchange's markdown editor for

    Wanted Stack Exchange's markdown editor for

    The most wanted feature is the keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+k to add backticks around selection, ctrl+l to make links and so on. I'm pretty sure that will interest many people using github all the day long. I saw the post from 2008 (yes, it's far now) from Jeff Atwood itself explaining that Stack Exchange websites use WMD editor.

  • drift smoke -

    Drift Smoke -

    The smoke is too much and it comes out from unrealistic areas eg like the trunk of the car, it also produces weird textures on the rear lights of the car.....can you atleast make it come out from only the tyres, link for reference.....

  • using multisignature accounts | hive developer

    Using Multisignature Accounts | Hive Developer

    Setting up a multi-signature authority Steem account. The @steemit account is an example of an account that has multiple key authorities for each role: Blockchain transactions sent in the name of the @steemit account can be signed by any of the two keys per role (owner/active/posting).

  • use this thread: is the build server down? - page 4 - android

    USE THIS THREAD: Is the Build Server Down? - Page 4 - Android

    Page 4 of 8 - USE THIS THREAD: Is the Build Server Down? - posted in Android: Are these assumptions or do you have any real (and shareable) information about the CoronaLabs teams? Assumptions yes but based on what I see, all indications are that Corona is now essentially Rob and Vlad, and it doesnt appear Rob is full-time either. In addition if Corona had any more staff than the bare minimum