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    This paper introduces a fast repair methods of Versa HD volume-modulated accelerator's high voltage circuit fault:the key points test method. To identify five key points:①Enter maintenance mode to check for AFC deviation; ② The magnetron waveform MI and PFN waveform PFN V are detected on the maintenance terminal board; ③ Detect thyratron waveform; ④ Check the supply voltage of

  • power-supply system for the focusing solenoids of toshiba

    Power-Supply System for the Focusing Solenoids of Toshiba

    The purpose of this article is to develop a power-supply system for the focusing solenoids of Toshiba E37340 klystrons, which are replacing the Toshiba E3730 and Thomson TH2129 klystrons and should provide the necessary parameters for the LUE-200 accelerator. Hardware configuration, structural diagrams of the power-supply system in general, newly developed units, and the operator’s software

  • a compact switching power supply utilizing sic-jfet for an

    A Compact Switching Power Supply Utilizing SiC-JFET for an

    Abstract: Utilizing a high power discrete SiC-JFET developed by KEK, a switching power supply (SPS) that had a circuit topology of H-bridge was designed and constructed to drive the induction acceleration system for the KEK digital accelerator.

  • accelerator magnet power supply using storage generator


    title = "accelerator magnet power supply using storage generator.", abstract = "A study investigating the feasibility of a large, 60-GeV accelerator is discussed. The conceptual design of the magnet power supply (PS) and energy storage system is presented, and the resulting system is described.

  • about us - supply chain labs

    About Us - Supply Chain labs

    We are a Supply Chain focused Fund and Accelerator supporting India’s aspiration to be an INR 5 trillion GDP economy by backing early & growth stage tech enabled, disruptive supply chain startups. Supply Chain Labs is an initiative by Lumis Partners , an Operating Investment firm.

  • a 2.17-mw acoustic dsp processor with cnn-fft accelerators

    A 2.17-mW Acoustic DSP Processor With CNN-FFT Accelerators

    Fabricated in a 40-nm CMOS technology, the chip's core area is 4.2 mm(2) and the power dissipation is 2.17 mW at a clock frequency of 5 MHz from a 0.6-V supply. The embedded CNN accelerator supports both convolutional and fully connected (FC) layers and achieves a comparable energy efficiency with state-of-the-art CNN accelerators, despite the

  • design of control algorithm for accelerator magnet - scilit

    Design of control algorithm for accelerator magnet - Scilit

    Design of control algorithm for accelerator magnet power supply with large time constant load Xu Wang, Peng Liu, Fengli Long, Wentong Su, Yao Gao, Xiaolei Shi, Tao Zeng, Guanjian Wu, Jian Cheng

  • accelerator in mississippi: physics today: vol 15, no 5

    Accelerator in Mississippi: Physics Today: Vol 15, No 5

    An accelerator intended to provide intense radiation for solid‐state studies is to be installed at the University of Mississippi in September, according to a recent announcement by the University's Department of Physics and Astronomy. Construction was started last month on a building to house the machine, which will supply 3‐Mev electrons or positive ions at beam currents of 10 ma, making

  • angular dependence of secondary electron yield from

    Angular dependence of secondary electron yield from

    We report exhaustive measurements of the secondary electron yield (SEY) from a gold film containing an array of micropores as a function of the angle of incidence of the primary electrons.

  • us10654361b2 - accelerator pedal for vehicle which has

    US10654361B2 - Accelerator pedal for vehicle which has

    An accelerator pedal for a vehicle, which has a hysteresis generation structure may be provided. The accelerator pedal for a vehicle includes: a housing; a cylindrical hinge which is connected to the housing; a main pedal arm which is coupled to one side of the hinge and rotates in a first direction in close contact with a first action point of the one side of the hinge when a predetermined

  • select | edge computing lab

    Select | Edge Computing Lab

    Publisher's Version Abstract Internet web browsing has reached a critical tipping point. Increasingly, users rely more on mobile web browsers to access the Internet than desktop browsers.

  • heterogeneity and redistribution in financial crises


    Campbell, Jeffrey R. and Hercowitz, Zvi (2011) The Financial Labor Supply Accelerator. Working paper WP-2011-05, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Working paper WP-2011-05, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

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    Articles databases and research resources - George Mason

    The full text is generally available for the past several years, though abstracts of articles date back additional years. PapersFirst Coverage: 1993-present Papers included in every congress, conference, exposition, workshop, symposium, and meeting received at The British Library Document Supply Centre. [FirstSearch] Note: 2,3 million records