rubber processing agent china denies australian coal ban

  • coronavirus: china bans companies from buying australian coal

    Coronavirus: China bans companies from buying Australian coal

    Australia exported 4.3million tons of coal to China in March, increase of 105% China is yet to announce the ban after they changed rules for iron-ore imports

  • report: confusion hits australian coal imports to china

    Report: Confusion hits Australian coal imports to China

    China is reportedly delaying and even banning imports of Australian coal into its ports. Reuters reported yesterday that ports in China had extended the clearing times for Australia coal from 5-20 days to 40 days since January in order to protect its domestic coal market.

  • 'wolverines' take on china: how a group of australian mps

    'Wolverines' take on China: How a group of Australian MPs

    About one third of Australia's total exports - including iron ore, gas, coal and food - go to China, bringing in around $135billion per year and providing thousands of jobs.

  • countering china’s influence operations: lessons from australia

    Countering China’s Influence Operations: Lessons from Australia

    Beijing’s “Agents of Influence” and the Media Firestorm . A major figure in the wave of revelations and scandals that would rock Australia’s media and political world was Huang Xiangmo, a billionaire property developer from China who came to Australia in 2011 and quickly gained permanent residency and political clout.

  • crikey worm: morrison moves to extend china travel ban

    Crikey Worm: Morrison moves to extend China travel ban

    Morrison moves to extend China travel ban. Good morning, early birds. The government is expected to extend its China travel ban from three to four weeks, and Hannah Baxter has died in hospital

  • australia will replace chinese barley buyers with new

    Australia will replace Chinese barley buyers with new

    One third of Australia's exports - including iron ore, gas, coal and food - go to China, bringing in around $135billion per year. Beijing has a track record of using putting pressure on exporters

  • china's tirades against australia are different this time

    China's tirades against Australia are different this time

    China’s tirades against Australia are different this time — they really matter. While Xi is running things, we can expect to hear much more about Australian racism and Australian lapdogs

  • australia calls for independent probe into who and global

    Australia calls for independent probe into WHO and global

    China is the biggest importer of Australian coal, LNG, iron ore and uranium. It also imports beef, wheat and other farm produce. They won't bite the hand which feeds them. But China needs the raw materials. It is not easy to replace Australia as supplier, and if it does, other buyers are created automatically on the world market.

  • the kushner visa program - the best china news, analysis

    The Kushner visa program - The best China news, analysis

    The Australian reports (paywall) that Rinehart is preparing to sign a deal next Sunday with China’s New Hope Group “to ship up to 800,000 cattle a year for slaughter and processing in China.” New Hope Group is one of China’s largest agriculture companies, and is led by founding chairman Liu Yonghao 刘永好, one of the country’s

  • indonesia re-exporting illegal waste to other countries

    Indonesia re-exporting illegal waste to other countries

    Between July and August 2019, Indonesia denied entry for 58 containers exported from the U.S. because they were found to contain paper scrap mixed with other waste, such as rubber and used diapers.

  • campaign to ban chemical-emitting smelly plastic from china

    Campaign to Ban Chemical-Emitting Smelly Plastic from China

    From now on when I buy a product that has any rubber or plastic, I have to do a "smell" test. These products should be banned. I went to China on a business trip in 2004 and that smell was everywhere I went. It's like the whole country has products made with it. Any kind of rubber or plastic on things like fake shoes etc.. had it! February 21, 2013

  • 2019–20 hong kong protests

    2019–20 Hong Kong protests

    In May, China announced that the NPCSC, China's rubber-stamp legislative body, would directly draft a national security law for Hong Kong and skip the local legislation procedures. Political analysts believed that Beijing's action would mark the end of the " one country, two systems " principle and Hong Kong's autonomy as promised in the Sino