international trade data and market

  • international trade data and market intelligence -

    International trade data and market intelligence -

    International trade data. Data and market intelligence for export development, importing and foreign investment business planning.

  • international trade statistics 2001-2020

    International trade statistics 2001-2020

    Trade Map is free to use and provides trade statistics and market access information for export development. By transforming the large volume of primary trade data into an accessible, user-friendly, web-based format, Trade Map provides indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors.

  • wto | international trade and tariff data

    WTO | International trade and tariff data

    Bulk download of trade data This facility allows users to download the main trade statistics datasets in their entirety in compressed csv (comma separated values) format. International Trade and Market Access Data interactive tool. Tariff Download Facility Simpler, standardized tariff statistics, mainly for downloading. Tariff Analysis Online

  • international market research | international trade

    International Market Research | International Trade

    International market research is a key piece of successful export planning. It is important to critically review and assess demand for your product, as well as factors related to a given export destination. The information will maximize your company's efforts, while keeping the export plan cost and time-efficient.

  • trade data & analysis | international trade administration

    Trade Data & Analysis | International Trade Administration

    TradeStats Express (National Trade Data) – U.S. trade statistics by market and industry. Updated quarterly; Trade Policy Information System –Customizable queries using U.S. and international trade data sources. Full database available to government users, with summary information available to all users.

  • international trade - trade in goods and services - oecd data

    International trade - Trade in goods and services - OECD Data

    The indicator comprises net trade, imports and exports and export market growth. Net trade is the value of exports minus the value of imports; imports and exports are the value of goods and services imported or exported from other economies; export market growth measures the demand for a country’s exports constructed as a weighted average of

  • trade statistics by country | wits

    Trade Statistics by Country | WITS

    View international trade statistics by country or region to obtain the following (i) country or region's overall exports, imports and tariffs (i) details of exports and imports with various partner countries along with partner share and Most Favored Nation (MFN) and Effective Applied Tariff (AHS) tariffs imposed.

  • international trade and investment -

    International trade and investment -

    Data and market intelligence to help your export, import and business planning needs. Trade negotiations and agreements Trade agreements and negotiations, tariff information, environmental assessments and more.

  • trade data and analyisis |

    Trade Data and Analyisis |

    Use the databases and tools below to access official U.S. international trade statistics TradeStats Express Interactive tool generating tables and graphics detailing annual and quarterly year-to-date U.S. goods trade data from 2002 to the most recently available quarter based upon user-specified options.