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  • 5 outstanding aquatic veterinary programs

    5 Outstanding Aquatic Veterinary Programs

    University of Florida offers an aquatic animal health (AAH) program through its College of Veterinary Medicine. The program includes a research component, currently focusing in on aquaculture medicine, emerging diseases, the Florida manatee, sea turtle pathology and viral diseases and a clinical component that is operated by Mike Walsh, DVM, co-director of the aquatic animal health program.

  • aquatic veterinary educational opportunities

    Aquatic Veterinary Educational Opportunities

    John L. Pitts Aquatic Veterinary Education Awards Program. This program provides financial support on an annual basis to a limited number of veterinary students or recent veterinary graduates, to allow recipients to explore a career in aquatic veterinary medicine through a variety of aquatic veterinary educational activities.

  • getting into aquatic animal medicine — iaaam

    Getting into Aquatic Animal Medicine — IAAAM

    First, no veterinary college has a comprehensive program for specializing in aquatic or marine mammal medicine. Most veterinary colleges (which is typically four years of dog, cat, cow, and horse medicine) sometimes have a sprinkling of non-domestic species classes that may include poultry, pet birds, lab animals, pocket pets, amphibians

  • aquatic animal health program | cornell university college

    Aquatic Animal Health Program | Cornell University College

    The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University has an active program that focuses on aquatic animal health. The Aquatic Animal Health Program is part of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. The overall objectives of the program are to provide research, diagnostic service, teaching, and outreach functions, with an emphasis on economically and environmentally important issues

  • aquatic animal health » college of veterinary medicine

    Aquatic Animal Health » College of Veterinary Medicine

    Aquatic Pets Please note that the Aquatic Animal Health Program does not see patients. If you are in urgent need of an aquatic veterinary service, please call the small animal hospital for the Zoological Medicine Department at 352-392-2235. For non-urgent fish questions, please contact Dr. Ruth Francis-Floyd at 386-643-8904.

  • animal food & feeds | fda

    Animal Food & Feeds | FDA

    A safe animal food (feed) supply helps ensure healthy animals and people. To that end, the Center for Veterinary Medicine: monitors and establishes standards for animal feed contaminants

  • welcome to aquatic veterinary services - aquatic veterinary

    Welcome to Aquatic Veterinary Services - Aquatic Veterinary

    Aquatic Veterinary Services is a specialty mobile veterinary service for fish serving the California Bay Area and surrounding counties. Due to concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), our office is able to make necessary changes in order to have your fish seen without direct human interaction. Your fish cannot carry the virus or transmit it to humans. […]