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  • gm debunks zddp myths for flat tappet cams | bob is the oil guy

    GM debunks ZDDP myths for flat tappet cams | Bob Is The Oil Guy

    Amazingly, there are still a few people today, 60 years later, who believe that they need to use non-detergent oil in their older cars. Apparently, it takes many years for an oil myth to die. The Synthetic Oil Myth -- Then there is the myth that new engine break-in will not occur with synthetic oils. This one was apparently started by an

  • what is zddp - benefits of zinc in oil

    What is ZDDP - Benefits of Zinc in Oil

    Oil composition has changed greatly over the years and while a certain brand/type of oil may have worked great in the past, the reduction of ZDDP could now spell disaster for your engine. ZDDP levels have gradually decreased since the 1990s in ALL mainstream oils, including diesel oils.

  • product review -

    Product review -

    Rislone ZDDP Oil Supplement I think this is a great product and Walmart has the best price I have seen. The reduction in the concentration of ZDDP content in modern oils is for catalytic converter protection; this comes at the expense of reduced engine protection.

  • flat tappet warning! lack of zddp and modern oils | page 24

    Flat Tappet Warning! Lack of Zddp and modern oils | Page 24

    But, the lowest ranking high zinc oil had one third MORE ZDDP at 4000 ppm. Even though this lowest ranked oil had far more zinc in it, it provided LESS THAN HALF AS MUCH WEAR PROTECTION, making it by far the worst of all 40 oils tested. Then the 4th place oil had only 1100 ppm ZDDP, and the 7th place oil had only 1000 ppm ZDDP.

  • zddp,, what the heck is it? - the roadstar clinic

    ZDDP,, what the heck is it? - The Roadstar Clinic

    Motorcycle specific oil is normally properly formulated for use in the motor,trans and clutch which the avg pass car or truck oil isnt specifically formulated for even though that oil may in fact have an acceptable zddp lvl for the R* it still wont be best protection when it comes to trans sheering it's viscosity or fric mods that may be in the

  • what is the recommended oil to use in twin cams these days

    What is the recommended oil to use in twin cams these days

    Always use a specific running in oil, these have very high ZDDP levels and other additives to ensure correct break in and to prevent galling. Phosphate coating of the cams and follower and use of a cam assembly lube which has high ZDDP levels all also help.

  • turning australia's old tyres into 220 million litres of oil

    Turning Australia's Old Tyres Into 220 Million Litres Of Oil

    A recycled 10kg car tyre yields 4 litres of oil, 1.5kg of steel and 4 kg of carbon, and a 70kg truck tyre provides 28 litres of oil, 11kg of steel and 28kg of carbon.

  • - zddp and vw - ZDDP and VW

    There aren't that many people yet who make a concerted effort to use an oil with high enough anti-wear additives (such as ZDDP) to protect flat tappet cams. I'm not saying ZDDP is the only thing to look for when choosing an oil to protect cams because base oils, viscosity moditifiers, and other additives all make up the finished oil, but it is

  • customer questions & answers

    Customer Questions & Answers

    (2) Zddp replaces the additives, zinc, that was taken out of modern day oil, and I use this on my flat tappet cam lifters. IMHO in about 1995 all cars had roller lifters, muscle cars had them in that era, but pre-1990's motors need, and I use, Lucus Zddp engine break in every oil change to give life to my flat tappet lifters.

  • zddp anti wear oil additive

    ZDDP Anti Wear Oil Additive

    This has led to new oils being developed to meet modern regulations, which have reduced levels of ZDDP. These new oils may cause serious problems in a classic engine. Add one bottle of ZDDP at each oil change to protect the gears, cam and followers and add life to your engine. Note: Millers Classic Oils still contain sufficient ZDDP.

  • engine oil lacking zddp? | ih8mud forum

    Engine oil lacking ZDDP? | IH8MUD Forum

    New diesel oil all says CI/SM. Cheap oil cannot be SL or SM and have any useful anti-scuff additive. There are hyper expensive synthetic oils that have long life scuff additive for current diesel, but a 9 quart oil change at $8/litre is more expensive than the MOS/ZDDP additive from the parts store.

  • zddpplus zddp engine oil additive zinc & phosphorus 5 bottle

    ZDDPPlus ZDDP Engine Oil Additive Zinc & Phosphorus 5 Bottle

    For a vehicle with a 4, 5, or 6 quart oil capacity I add 1/3 to 1/2 bottle of ZDDP Plus to a fresh oil change. I also use it in all my outdoor power equipment-lawnmowers, snowblowers, pressure washers, etc., but only add 1 tablespoonful to the fresh oil change. I have been able to monitor the engine wear metsls by a using used oil analysis lab.

  • study of road bitumen modified with heavy fraction of tire

    Study of Road Bitumen Modified with Heavy Fraction of Tire

    In this article, heavy fraction (>350°C) of tire pyrolysis oil was used to modify road bitumen. Experiments were carried out to investigate the effect of the modification conditions, such as