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  • five amazing uses for recycled tires — northeast recycling

    Five Amazing Uses for Recycled Tires — Northeast Recycling

    Tire chips can be shredded into a specific and uniform size, making them useful in a variety of ways. Another innovative use is filters in wastewater treatment and constructed wetlands. Because tires can be chipped to be more or less porous than organic compounds, rocks and other material, they often serve as a much better filter media .

  • beauty corporations remove "fair" and "white" from branding

    Beauty corporations remove "fair" and "white" from branding

    Major cosmetics companies are under fire for making billions of dollars selling skin-lightening products that anti-racism activists say promote colorism. Corporations like L'Oreal and Johnson and

  • how a tire is made | continental tires

    How a tire is made | Continental tires

    Now, the tire building can begin. The various semi-finished products come together on the tire building machine and are assembled into what is known as a “green tire.” This is done in two stages: the casing, and the tread/belt assembly. This “green tire” is then sprayed with a special fluid to prepare it for vulcanization.

  • fda recalls 75 brands of hand sanitizer - cbs news

    FDA recalls 75 brands of hand sanitizer - CBS News

    The FDA warns 75 brands of hand sanitizer may be making people sick, or even causing death if ingested. Kris Van Cleave reports.

  • 25 rad items made from reclaimed & recycled tires - webecoist

    25 Rad Items Made from Reclaimed & Recycled Tires - WebEcoist

    Strong and durable, the rubber used to make tires has many uses long after the tires are no longer fit for the road. Unfortunately, more than 290 million tires are dumped or tossed into landfills

  • what's a tire made of? tire ingredients for the perfect

    What's a Tire Made of? Tire Ingredients for the Perfect

    When it comes to formulating compounds, there are two main tire ingredients involved: the rubber itself and a reinforcing filler. Tire Rubber. In tire manufacturing, there are usually four main types of rubber used. The most common form is natural rubber, which is the latex sap found in the bark of the rubber tree.

  • 's.w.a.t.' on cbs set to kick off filming of tv's fall dramas

    'S.W.A.T.' on CBS set to kick off filming of TV's fall dramas

    'S.W.A.T.' on CBS set to kick off filming of TV's fall dramas The show reportedly hopes to begin filming tomorrow in order to air on CBS in the fall

  • viacomcbs to rebrand cbs all access, keep price the same

    ViacomCBS to rebrand CBS All Access, keep price the same

    ViacomCBS is adding 70 TV series to CBS All Access on Thursday and will continue to move shows from Viacom's cable networks into the company's flagship streaming service in the coming months

  • people are dying after drinking hand sanitizer, cdc says

    People Are Dying After Drinking Hand Sanitizer, CDC Says

    People are getting sick and even dying after swallowing hand sanitizer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. Four died and others have suffered impaired vision or

  • repairable products make good sense - ifixit

    Repairable Products Make Good Sense - iFixit

    Many companies want to make quality products, and people want to buy stuff that lasts. But some greedy manufacturers build in planned obsolescence, forcing us to buy new products. To make matters worse, some short-sighted companies sabotage local repair shops by making repair manuals secret.

  • tyre manufacturing

    Tyre Manufacturing

    Use Epoxy To Coat Existing Countertops To Make Them Look Like Real Stone Step By Step Explained - Duration: 59:13. Leggari Products 1,961,931 views