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  • f1 planning '21 downforce cuts after silverstone tyre issues

    F1 planning '21 downforce cuts after Silverstone tyre issues

    The FIA is planning a further cut in Formula 1 downforce levels on safety grounds in order to help Pirelli use the same tyres for a third season in 2021. The move is a direct response to the tyre

  • dyi use of old tyre | making of seat with old tyre

    DYI use of old tyre | making of seat with old tyre

    This video is aboutDYI use of old tyre | making of seat with old tyre. Music Credit :

  • how tyres are made | tyre manufacturing - goodyear india

    How Tyres are Made | Tyre Manufacturing - Goodyear India

    The plies are the layers of fabric that make up your tyre’s skeleton, and are typically made of fibre cord that are woven together and coated with rubber. These allow your tyre to be flexible. A layer called the carcass ply is placed directly above the inner liner of the tyre and is what gives your tyre strength.

  • tire lever | how to use bike tire levers

    Tire Lever | How to Use Bike Tire Levers

    Installing a Tire. Putting a tire onto a rim is typically a bit easier than removing one, but using a tire lever might still be necessary. Fit one side of the tire onto the rim first.

  • how to make and use a tire sled for training

    How To Make And Use A Tire Sled For Training

    Taking your new tire sled outside and getting some fresh air and sunshine while using it can make a huge difference in the quality of your workouts and keep you motivated for longer. How To Train With A Tire and Tire Sled. In the video below, I run through 11 exercises that incorporate a tire and a sandbag (optional).

  • mtb tyres for every terrain - what mountain bike tyres do you

    MTB Tyres for Every Terrain - What Mountain Bike Tyres do you

    A tyre with a lot of grip wears out too fast, but a highly durable tyre will provide you with less grip. The solution used by mountain bike tyre manufacturers is to use different types of rubber in different parts of the tyre. The tread uses a different kind of rubber than the sidewalls, depending on the intended use of an MTB tyre.

  • how are tyres made - tyre manufacturing process

    How Are Tyres Made - Tyre Manufacturing Process

    Here one of the key components used in the designing of a new tyre is the mixture of rubber compounds. The compound is balanced for effective steering, road handling, braking and wear capabilities. Moreover, other important components used in the making of a tyre are: Steel bead wires that hold the tyre on the rim of the wheel

  • mercedes: tyre issues could occur again in spain

    Mercedes: Tyre issues could occur again in Spain

    Mercedes’ problems with tyre overheating could affect its cars again this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix, warns trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin. Winner of the first four races of the 2020 Formula 1 season, including the first of two races at Silverstone a week ago, the second leg

  • watch: wildlife officials searching for elk with tire around

    Watch: Wildlife officials searching for elk with tire around

    Aug. 11 (UPI) --Wildlife officials in Colorado said they are trying to locate an elk caught on camera with a car tire around its neck.Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted video showing the bull elk

  • govt to make silicon use in tyre making a must to prevent

    Govt to make silicon use in tyre making a must to prevent

    Making this assertion in the Rajya Sabha, Gadkari termed the tragedy unfortunate and said the Uttar Pradesh Government has already set up a committee to look into reasons behind the accident.

  • a new use for old tires: a garden using tires

    A New Use for Old Tires: A Garden Using Tires

    The handy homemade drag will make it much easier to break up and distribute the cowflops that accumulate in the pasture. Scattering the cowpies spreads the fertilizer they contain and prevents hot spots and clumps of pasture grass. More uses for old tires. Use single rows of tires and use mulch or gravel between rows.

  • elk with tire hanging around its neck near conifer, colorado

    Elk with tire hanging around its neck near Conifer, Colorado

    A bull elk was videotaped by a trail camera showing him with an automobile tire around his neck. Colorado Parks and Wildlife would like to help the animal, but do not know its location.