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  • ultra high materials, llc – geopolymer concrete

    Ultra High Materials, LLC – Geopolymer Concrete

    . UHM CONCRETE IS 100% PORTLAND CEMENT-FREE . Made from industrial by-products Can be manufactured in concrete plants with minimal capital investment Customizable to suit application Developed at an internationally recognized university laboratory by experts in the field of materials science

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    Products - Ultra High Materials, LLC – Geopolymer Concrete

    UHM high and ultra high performance products are geopolymer concrete. HPC can be made with compressive strength up to 18000 psi and UHPC can be made with compressive strength up to 28000 psi. Both have the following characteristics: Highly corrosion resistant Heat resistant to 800°C Negligible alkali silica reaction (ASR) High early strength

  • geopolymer concrete and cement | geopolymer solutions

    Geopolymer Concrete and Cement | Geopolymer Solutions

    Cold Fusion Concrete ® (CFC) FP250 Series Spray Applied Fireproofing for use where extreme durability and chemical resistance is desired. This UL listed (Design X860 and XR746) 42 to 50 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) density is the only UL Listed Geopolymer SFRM on the face of the earth.

  • geopolymer concrete - a new eco-friendly material of construction

    Geopolymer Concrete - A New Eco-friendly Material of Construction

    Geopolymer concrete shows significant potential to be a material for the future; because it is not only environmentally friendly but also possesses excellent mechanical properties. Practical recommendations on use of geopolymer concrete technology in practical applications such as precast concrete products and waste encapsulation need to be

  • development of ultra-high-performance geopolymer concrete

    Development of ultra-high-performance geopolymer concrete

    This paper presents the development of ambient temperature cured ultra-high-performance geopolymer concrete (UHPGPC). Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) mixtures were developed by completely eliminating Portland cement and activating industrial by-product materials such as ground granulated blastfurnace slag and silica fume.

  • geopolymer cement

    Geopolymer cement

    Geopolymer concrete. There is often confusion [citation needed] between the meanings of the terms 'geopolymer cement' and 'geopolymer concrete'. A cement is a binder, whereas concrete is the composite material resulting from the mixing and hardening of cement with water (or an alkaline solution in the case of geopolymer cement), and stone aggregates.

  • advanced concrete technology: li, zongjin: 9780470437438

    Advanced Concrete Technology: Li, Zongjin: 9780470437438

    A systematic introduction of new developments includes advanced cement-based composites, self compacting concrete, ultra high strength/performance concrete, and extruded building products. An excellent discussion on concrete fracture mechanics and non-destructive evaluation is given in two separate chapters.

  • a 3d printed ready-mixed concrete power distribution

    A 3D Printed Ready-Mixed Concrete Power Distribution

    The amount of accelerator was about 3–5% to the total amount of cement in the concrete. The printed concrete reached the initial setting in 5–10 minutes. The optimized 3D printing concrete material enabled continuous printing without interruption.

  • concrete innovations | civil + structural engineer magazine

    Concrete Innovations | Civil + Structural Engineer magazine

    Research shows that geopolymer concrete has lower drying shrinkage, lower heat of hydration, improved chloride permeability, and is more resistant to acids. And its fire resistance is considerably better than portland cement concrete, which is already highly fire resistant, making geopolymer concretes ideal for special high temperature

  • developing environmental technologies | csr of daigas group

    Developing Environmental Technologies | CSR of Daigas Group

    Geopolymer concrete, made from fly ash, an industrial byproduct, is known as next-generation concrete. It has stronger acid and heat resistance than conventional concrete materials. Geopolymer concrete is said to be suitable for use in facilities where strong acids are generated, such as sewage plants, and where temperatures are high, such as

  • materials | free full-text | admixtures in cement-matrix

    Materials | Free Full-Text | Admixtures in Cement-Matrix

    Aïtcin, P.-C. High Performance Concrete (HPC) (revisited in 2011). In Proceedings of the 36th Conference on Our World in Concrete & Structures, Singapore, 14–16 August 2011. Safiuddin, M.; Zain, M. Supplementary cementing materials for high performance concrete. BRAC Univ. J. 2006, 3, 47–57. [Google Scholar]

  • materials journal impact 2019-20 - academic accelerator

    Materials Journal Impact 2019-20 - Academic Accelerator

    The Journal Impact 2019-2020 of Materials is 3.130, which is just updated in 2020. Compared with historical Journal Impact data, the Metric 2019 of Materials grew by 15.50 %. The Journal Impact Quartile of Materials is Q2.