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  • using “polyelectrolyte” polymers in water treatment - degremont®

    using “polyelectrolyte” polymers in water treatment - Degremont®

    These products can be pumped direct out of a drum or container without any preliminary preparation. This is an undeniable benefit, especially since these products are very stable. However, good secondary dilution must absolutely be undertaken at the feeding pump delivery point (100 to 200 times dilution in-line) using low salinity clean water

  • organic polyelectrolytes in water treatment

    Organic polyelectrolytes in water treatment

    The use of polymers in the production of drinking water is reviewed, with emphasis on the nature of the impurities to be removed, the mechanisms of coagulation and flocculation, and the types of polymers commonly available.

  • water treatment - polyelectrolyte producers group

    Water Treatment - Polyelectrolyte Producers Group

    Polyacrylamide (PAM) polymers are the solution to high quality drinking water and the efficient cleaning of waste water, they enable the efficient and environmentally favourable production of paper and support new opportunities to enhance the efficiency of oilfield and mining applications and, as a consequence,minimize environmental pollution.

  • polyelectrolyte - water treatment polyelectrolyte

    Polyelectrolyte - Water Treatment Polyelectrolyte

    Manufacturer of Polyelectrolyte - Water Treatment Polyelectrolyte, Anionic Polyelectrolyte, Cationic Polymer and Polymer for Aerobic Treatment offered by Vidhya Enterprises, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

  • water treatment chemicals and analysis kits - water treatment

    Water Treatment Chemicals and Analysis Kits - Water Treatment

    Water treatment chemicals and analysis kits are used to condition and test water supplies. Water treatment chemicals remove iron and rust build-up from the resin bed of water softeners and reduce corrosion in piping, pressure tanks, water heaters, and plumbing fixtures.

  • water industry

    Water industry

    The water industry includes water engineering, operations, water and wastewater plant construction, equipment supply and specialist water treatment chemicals, among others. The water industry is at the service of other industries, e.g. of the food sector which produces beverages such as bottled water.

  • products | plasgro

    Products | PlasGro

    The Plasma Growth Accelerator is the flagship product of PlasGro, a subsidiary of Advanced Plasma Solutions. We call it Nature’s Plant Supplement because it’s made with plasma technology which mimics the natural phenomenon of thunderstorms; the natural power of lightning in a bottle! And it’s all natural and 100% chemical free!

  • fda in brief: fda requests input on rare disease clinical

    FDA In Brief: FDA Requests Input on Rare Disease Clinical

    The agency also is responsible for the safety and security of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, dietary supplements, products that give off electronic radiation, and for regulating tobacco

  • covid-19 shifts the balance: india could become global

    COVID-19 Shifts the Balance: India Could Become Global

    The key growth accelerator would be our readiness in responding to the strong demand of key global markets to de-risk their supply chain by diversifying their base beyond China.