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  • children's products and toys | nsw fair trading

    Children's products and toys | NSW Fair Trading

    While toys in today's marketplace are generally much safer than a decade ago, each year Fair Trading detects new products which have the potential to cause injury or even death to young children. Toys with small parts are a particular worry. Anything smaller than a ping pong ball or an Australian 20 cent coin could choke a child under three years.

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    Product and service safety | NSW Fair Trading

    Information and advice on children’s products and toy safety, permanent toy bans, magnets and button batteries. Food, drinks and therapeutic goods Information on food and drink labelling, ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates, therapeutic recalls and how to report a concern

  • nsw fair trading consumer protection unit discover dangerous

    NSW Fair Trading Consumer Protection Unit discover dangerous

    A NSW Fair Trading market surveillance operation has uncovered a range of children’s toys and sleepwear that are prohibited and potentially dangerous. NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said Fair Trading officers targeted unsafe products across 40 businesses in Sydney’s West and seized non-compliant toys, prams, and children’s nightwear.

  • dangerous toys destroyed by nsw fair trading - kidspot

    Dangerous toys destroyed by NSW Fair Trading - Kidspot

    Toys were streamrolled by NSW Fair Trading. Picture: NSW Government. “The smaller the child, the bigger the toy. It needs to be robust” Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said he is happy the prohibited list has dropped from 83 last year, but many dangers were still uncovered during the 746 inspections.

  • fair trading pre-christmas blitz on dangerous toys | nsw

    Fair trading pre-Christmas blitz on dangerous toys | NSW

    Mr Roberts said Fair Trading has inspected more than 1,103 product lines targeted at children and 1,813 electrical products including Christmas lights, decorations, cords, chargers and adaptors. “Fair Trading officers identified 63 dangerous toys and products as well as 48 electrical items during the blitz on retailers in the lead up to the

  • christmas products safety survey 2012 - nsw fair trading

    Christmas Products Safety Survey 2012 - NSW Fair Trading

    NSW Fair Trading – Christmas Products Safety Survey 2012 13 32 20 Children’s toys – squeaky toys (3/3) 25. Xin Xin Toy 5 Pcs Squeaky Animals 26. Ten Small Squeaky Ducks 27. Squeaky Toys – Large Orange Fish and Three Small Fish – Item No. F7258 28. Small Orange Squeaky Duck Set – 1 Large, 3 Small 29.

  • fair trading | matt kean mp

    Fair Trading | Matt Kean MP

    This year’s pre-Christmas blitz saw NSW Fair Trading inspectors visit 903 businesses across NSW and inspect 10,727 individual products, with a focus on toys aimed at small children, aquatic toys and projectiles. Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said 41 toys failed testing for children’s safety and were quickly swept off the shelves.

  • killer toys banned pre-christmas | australian women's weekly

    Killer toys banned pre-Christmas | Australian Women's Weekly

    Beware when purchasing toys for your dear little ones this Christmas season as the NSW Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts has revealed that a myriad dangerous toys and products have been

  • dangerous toys banned in fair trade christmas blitz | ellaslist

    Dangerous Toys Banned in Fair Trade Christmas Blitz | ellaslist

    By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist. NSW Fair Trading has released its results for the annual pre-Christmas blitz on toys not complying to safety standards.. This year, 773 businesses were examined, including pop-up discount stores and kiosk traders.

  • dangerous toys targeted

    Dangerous toys targeted

    “It is inexcusable,” said NSW Fair Trading Minister, Matthew Mason-Cox, said. Retailers were putting the lives of young children at risk by selling those toys, he said. “This particular Peppa Pig and family squeaky toy set appeared cute and harmless but when put through testing were found to present multiple hazards to small children

  • dangerous plastics ban for kids products - newscomau

    Dangerous plastics ban for kids products - NewsComAu

    Dangerous plastics ban for kids products THE NSW government has banned the supply of children's products that contain more than one per cent of a dangerous plastic. AAP May 7, 2010 12:38am