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    Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd: Processing Aids : LX-PA20, LX-P551, LX-P530 & others - Acrylic processing aids for pipes, profiles, sidings, calendered sheet, blow molded and etc : Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd: Metal Stearates : (CaSt, ZnSt, MgSt & Sodium Stearate & others - FDA, Pharmaceutical,Halal & Kosher certified products available)

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    LUXCHEM TRADING SDN BHD. Luxchem Group has, and will continue to build, a portfolio of businesses that are major players within their respective industries, bringing together outstanding knowledge of customer needs with more than hundred types of industrial chemicals for almost every industry in this region.

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    About Us | Luxchem

    Luxchem was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act on 4 September 1991 as a private limited company under the name of Luxchem Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Subsequently, on 3 August 2007, we converted to a public company and assumed the name of Luxchem Corporation Berhad since 2008.

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    Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd. Address: 4, Jalan Bistari 4, Taman Industri Jaya 81300 Skudai Johor. Phone: +607 512 3001 (2 lines) Fax: +607

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    Transform Master Sdn Bhd | Luxchem

    Founded in December 2009, Transform Master Sdn Bhd was acquired by Luxchem Corporation Berhad on 29 April 2016 as its subsidiary. Transform Master is a reputable manufacturer for design, development and manufacturer of latex compounding and processing chemicals serving its customers on rubber latex industry.

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    Is Luxchem Corporation Bhd Worth Investing In Now?

    In 2017, Luxchem has spent a total sum of RM 45.5 million on acquiring 100% interests in Transform Master Sdn Bhd, a company which is involved in latex chemical dispersions, latex processing chemicals, and specialty chemicals manufacturing & trading for the latex industry.

  • sky is the limit: next growth engines of luxchem (part 1 of 2)

    SKY IS THE LIMIT: Next Growth Engines of Luxchem (Part 1 of 2)

    Next Growth Engines of LUXCHEM (Part 1) LUXCHEM BHD had delivered a much improved earnings performance in 1QFY17, due to improved contribution from both manufacturing and trading activities (+94.4% YoY). EPS had improved significantly from 2.64 per share to 4.94 per cent.

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    MIDA | Malaysian Investment Development Authority

    For the first quarter of FY17, Luxchem’s net profit nearly doubled to RM13.61 million from RM7 million, as revenue jumped 36.4% to RM218.13 million from RM159.97 million on higher contribution from the trading segment. Luxchem has two plants in Malaysia — Luxchem Polymer Industries Sdn Bhd and Transform Master Sdn Bhd — which are located

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    ChemOrbis 6th Asia Petrochemicals Conference


  • m-phenylenebismaleimide (hva-2) addition rubber (nr

    m-Phenylenebismaleimide (HVA-2) Addition Rubber (NR

    Rubber Trading Sdn. Bhd, Seremban. Dicumyl peroxide (Dicup) was purchased from Aldrich. The coagent used for the blend was N,N-m-phenylenebismaleimide (HVA-2), a free radical cross-linking agent from DuPont Dow Elastomer. Preparation and Processing Studies were conducted on PP =EPDM NR blends con-sisting of two systems viz. blend with Dicup

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    chlorinated paraffin 52 tds supplier russia

    Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd | Luxchem Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd: Chlorinated Paraffin (CP 52%) - Flame retardant - Secondary plasticizer : KLJ Organic Ltd: Tin stabilizers : Methyl Tin Octyl Tin Others - Calendered sheets, bottles, IC tubes & non-toxic products (pipes, profiles & others) Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd: CaZn / Lead Stabilizers : Stabinex

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    All Manufacturer Directory - Malaysian Rubber Export

    Contact Person: Mr Huang Kian Kok Email: Tel: 03-3291 7882 Fax: 03-3291 7882 Website: N/A