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  • plasticizers for pvc | polynt

    Plasticizers for PVC | POLYNT

    Plasticizers for PVC are also used in many articles of clothing, in particular in rubber footwear, as well as in articles for the interior design or in tubs and containers for the food. Because of the wide use of plasticizers in the objects that accompany us in our daily lives, their use in industry is strictly regulated by national laws and

  • pvc, plasticizers and sustainability

    PVC, Plasticizers and Sustainability

    PVC, Plasticizers and Sustainability PVC additives and modifiers play a significant role in creating safer, cleaner and durable PVC solutions.Additives such as heat and light stabilizers help improve resistance of PVC products at high temperature and shield them from UV degradation.

  • green plasticizers for pvc - advances in engineering

    Green Plasticizers for PVC - Advances in Engineering

    During processing of polymers, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalate esters are often used as the main plasticizer. Recent researches have established that phthalate plasticizers have a tendency to migrate from a polymer matrix into which it has been incorporated, into the natural environment.

  • regulation - plasticisers - information center

    Regulation - Plasticisers - Information Center

    Since the implementation of REACH in 2007, approximately 50 plasticisers (US: plasticizers) have been registered. Consumers can benefit from the use of plasticisers in flexible PVC applications, and at the same time be reassured of the high level of safety of the products they are using.

  • plasticisers - information center

    Plasticisers - Information Center

    Globally, 7.5 million tonnes of plasticisers (US: plasticizers) are consumed every year, of which European consumption accounts for over 1.35 million tonnes. Ortho-phthalates, due to their high degree of compatibility with PVC, are the most widely consumed plasticisers.

  • plasticizers – benefits, trends, health, and environmental

    Plasticizers – Benefits, Trends, Health, and Environmental

    Around 90 % of all plasticizers are used in the production of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as vinyl. The main applications for flexible PVC include flooring and wall coverings, roofing membranes, electrical cable and wire insulation, automotive applications, medical devices, synthetic leather goods, and so forth.