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  • pet recycling - from plastic bottles to 3d printing filament

    PET Recycling - From Plastic Bottles to 3D Printing Filament

    However if we look at plastic bottles for instance, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute, and 91% of all plastic is not recycled. This article is going to cover what makes plastic recycling so important, how to recycle PET and the future of recycling in 3D printing.

  • 3d printing directly from pet plastic bottles

    3D Printing Directly from PET Plastic Bottles

    Using a simple and fast method to produce thin, spiral filament cutted from PET plastic bottles at room temperature (whithout pellets or fusion) -see: https:...

  • printing on pet bottles - bottle printing- pet plastic bottle

    Printing on PET Bottles - Bottle Printing- PET Plastic Bottle

    Industrial solutions for Printing on Bottles – PET Plastic Bottle Printing. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has long been used as a liquid container in the carbonated soft drink, bottled water, energy and fruit drinks markets due to its inherent properties of strength, flexibility and transparency.

  • b-pet | bottle pet filament

    B-Pet | Bottle PET Filament

    About B-PET. PET is a fantastic and versatile material, one of the most used types of plastic in the world. Its presence in the 3D printing industry is increasing for its ease of use and strength, but sadly it’s not currently made from recycled plastic.

  • re pet 3d | recycled pet filament

    RE PET 3D | Recycled PET filament

    The recycled filament is made of the PET bottles which we clean thoroughly and shred into tiny plastic flakes. Melting These flakes are decontaminated, melted and finally extruded into clean 1.75 or 2.85 mm thick string.

  • pet filament reviews - waterproof and food safe 3d printing

    PET Filament Reviews - Waterproof and Food Safe 3D Printing

    It is a common material that is used to make plastic bottles. The original state of a PET printer filament is a crystal clear and colorless material. However, when PET is heated or cooled, its transparency changes. When you cool down the material slowly after using it for 3D printing, it will have a structure that is more crystalline.