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  • n-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide | c14h15no2s

    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide | C14H15NO2S

    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide would be expected to hydrolyze in moist soil and in water; a hydrolysis half-life of 23.3 hours at pH 7 and 25 °C has been reported for N-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide(3). N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide is not expected to volatilize from dry soil surfaces(SRC) based upon an estimated vapor pressure of 3.8X10-8 mm Hg

  • n-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide supplier distributor- cas

    N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide supplier distributor- CAS

    N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide, N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide supplier, N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide distributor, CAS 17796-82-6, N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide

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    N-(Cyclohexylthio)Phthalimide (CAS No. 17796-82-6) Suppliers

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    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phtalimide 17796-82-6, Information for N

    Information for N-(Cyclohexylthio)phtalimide 17796-82-6 including N-(Cyclohexylthio)phtalimide CAS NO 17796-82-6, N-(Cyclohexylthio)phtalimide Suppliers, N-(Cyclohexylthio)phtalimide Manufacturers, related products of N-(Cyclohexylthio)phtalimide.

  • n-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide - registration dossier - echa

    N-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide - Registration Dossier - ECHA

    Display Name: N-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide EC Number: 241-774-1 EC Name: N-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide CAS Number: 17796-82-6 Molecular formula: C14H15NO2S

  • cas # 17796-82-6, cyclohexylthiophthalimide, n

    CAS # 17796-82-6, Cyclohexylthiophthalimide, N

    chemBlink provides information about CAS # 17796-82-6, Cyclohexylthiophthalimide, N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide, molecular formula: C14H15NO2S.

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    Cyclohexylthiophthalimide | 17796-82-6

    You can also browse global suppliers,vendor,prices,Price,manufacturers of Cyclohexylthiophthalimide(17796-82-6). At last,Cyclohexylthiophthalimide(17796-82-6) safety, risk, hazard and MSDS, CAS,cas number,Use,cas no may also be you need.

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    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide 17796-82-6 | TCI Chemicals

    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide. text.skipToContent text.skipToNavigation. TCI uses cookies to personalize and improve your user experience. By continuing on our

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    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide 17796-82-6 | TCI AMERICA

    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide 17796-82-6: Reaxys Registry Number: 613992: PubChem Substance ID: 87566453: SDBS (AIST Spectral DB) 19789: MDL Number:

  • germany car industry pvi n-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide

    Germany Car industry PVI n-(cyclohexylthio)Phthalimide

    N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide 17796-82-6 suppliers. We are a fourth-generation company and a custom manufacturer of Inorganic Metal Salts and Organic Metal Compounds to the global marketplace. Zehao Industry Co., Ltd. is supplier for N-(Cyclohexylthio)phthalimide.

  • china antiscorching agent pvi 17796-82-6 manufacturer

    China Antiscorching Agent PVI 17796-82-6 Manufacturer

    Antiscorching Agent PVI 17796-82-6. Chemical Name: N-Cyclohexylthio Phthalimide Molecular Formula: C14H15NO2S Molecular Weight: 261.34 Gravity: 1.25-1.35

  • santogard pvi 17796-82-6, china santogard pvi 17796-82-6

    SANTOGARD PVI 17796-82-6, China SANTOGARD PVI 17796-82-6

    We,China SANTOGARD PVI 17796-82-6 Suppliers and China SANTOGARD PVI 17796-82-6 Manufacturers, provide SANTOGARD PVI 17796-82-6 product and the products related with China SANTOGARD PVI 17796-82-6