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    Heat Transfer Fluid Advantages | Therminol | Eastman

    Strong foundations. With a long, robust history of thermal fluid innovation, performance, and durability—since 1963—Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids have provided high performance and stability in systems with operational temperatures from -115°C (-175°F) to 400°C (750°F).

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    Eastman | Therminol 75 Heat Transfer Fluid

    Low Pressure—Therminol 75 is designed for typical liquid-phase heat transfer fluid systems which operate at low pressures. Critical System Design— Due to the high melting range 40°-70°C (104°-158°F) of Therminol 75, proper system design is important for reliable operation.

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    Eastman | Therminol LT Heat Transfer Fluid

    Excellent Low Temperature Performance—Therminol LT has the best low temperature heat transfer coefficient of all coolant fluids. Therminol LT has excellent heat transfer properties to -75°C (-100°F). Vapor Phase Operation—Therminol LT can be used in the liquid phase between -75°C (-100°F) and 315°C (600°F). With a boiling point of 181

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    Eastman | Therminol XP Heat Transfer Fluid

    Therminol XP heat transfer fluid is an extremely pure white mineral oil which provides reliable heat transfer. Performance Benefits. Low Fouling— The chemical composition of Therminol XP has been carefully selected to minimize system fouling that results from oxidation and degradation of the fluid.

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    Eastman | Therminol VP-3 Heat Transfer Fluid

    A crystallization point of 2°C (36°F) makes Therminol VP-3 easy to handle and may eliminate the need for costly heat tracing in moderate climates. Low Odor—The odor of Therminol VP-3 is milder than other vapor phase organic heat transfer fluids. Therminol VP-3 is a mixture of phenylcyclohexane and bicyclohexyl. It contains virtually no

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    Case Studies | Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids | Eastman

    Case studies demonstrate the benefits, outcomes, and advantages of using Therminol products. To learn more about how Therminol heat transfer fluid products bring our customers to new heights in various applications, explore our case studies. Eastman Therminol® 66 heat transfer fluid gets the green light at SAIB, a leading Italian chipboard

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    | Therminol - Heat Transfer Fluids

    When it comes to biofuels, Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids ensure the high thermal stability and precise temperature control required for optimum yields and product quality. The most common types of biofuels are ethanol, biodiesel, and fuels produced by gasification of biomass and the synthesis of liquid fuels from this synthesis gas.

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    Facts at your Fingertips: Heat-Transfer-System Maintenance

    Periods of reduced heat-transfer-fluid (HTF) system operation offer opportunities for mechanical integrity engineers to perform necessary maintenance. Here are suggestions for using the downtime for maintenance tasks. These activities support ongoing safety of the HTF unit. Leak repairs. Repair wet

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    stability, Therminol 66 is a proven fluid, improving operation efficiency. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS • Experience – Therminol 66 is a reliable high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid. • Proven Fluid – Therminol 66 is suitable for a variety of systems and is proven to deliver a high quality and consistent performance when operating

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    Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids - Wholesaler & Wholesale

    Therminol ADX-10 is a low-viscosity, synthetic organic heat transfer fluid particularly recommended for indirect liquid-phase process heating at medium temperatures. The excellent low temperature pumpability and heat transfer coefficient of this fluid also lead to a number of benefits when it is used as a single fluid in combined heating and

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    Heat Transfer Fluid - Buy Heat Transfer Fluid,Dowtherm A

    Quality standards: Packing: in metal bucket, 200KG/drum Products Specialty: 1)Hydrogenated terphenyls is an excellent liquid-phase high temperature heat transfer fluid with heat stability, anti-oxidation and low vapor pressure, can be used in -7 °C ~345 °C applications and delivers important performance: high thermal stability, high degree of customer satisfaction, reliability and fouling

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    How and When to Change Your Heat Transfer Fluid - Chemical

    At Eastman, we provide the TLC Total Lifecycle Care® program for all of our products, including a complimentary sample testing and analysis of in-service heat transfer fluids, allowing you to proactively monitor your system and plan ahead for fluid replacement before you ever experience a significant loss in system performance.