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  • triethylene glycol | c6h14o4

    Triethylene glycol | C6H14O4

    In rabbits dosed with 200 or 2000 mg/kg triethylene glycol respectively excreted 34.3% or 28%, of the administered dose in the urine as unchanged triethylene glycol and 35.2% as a hydroxyacid form of this chemical. In the studies with rats, little if any 14-C-oxalate or 14-C-triethylene glycol in conjugated form was found in the urine.

  • triethylene glycol, 112-27-6

    triethylene glycol, 112-27-6

    PubMed:Triethylene glycol HO(CH2CH2O)3H. PubMed:Respiratory peripheral chemosensory irritation, acute and repeated exposure toxicity studies with aerosols of triethylene glycol. PubMed:Developmental toxicity study with triethylene glycol given by gavage to CD rats and CD-1 mice.

  • triethylene glycol

    Triethylene glycol

    Triethylene glycol, TEG, or triglycol is a colorless odorless viscous liquid with molecular formula HOCH 2 CH 2 OCH 2 CH 2 OCH 2 CH 2 OH. It is used as a plasticizer for vinyl polymers.It is also used in air sanitizer products, such as "Oust" or "Clean and Pure".

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    Triethylene glycol supplier | CasNO.112-27-6

    The IUPAC name of Triethylene glycol is 2-[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)ethoxy]ethanol. With the CAS registry number 112-27-6, it is also named as 2,2'-(1,2-Ethanediylbis(oxy))bisethanol. The product's categories are ethylene glycol; ethylene glycols; ethylene glycols & monofunctional ethylene glycols.

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    Triethylene glycol | CAS 112-27-6 | SCBT - Santa Cruz

    Buy Triethylene glycol (CAS 112-27-6), A useful gas dehydrating agent, from Santa Cruz. Molecular Formula: C6H14O4, Molecular Weight: 150.17

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    ethylene glycol supplier in malaysia -

    Triethylene Glycol Chemical Distributor | Brenntag. Triethylene glycol is an odorless, colorless liquid also known as triglycol or TEG. Its chemical formula is C6H14O4, and its CAS number is 112-27-6. It has a high viscosity and boiling point, as well as a number of unique properties that are used in manufacturing and industry.